Confidas - pâtes de fruits Confidas - pâtes de fruits Confidas - pâtes de fruits Confidas - pâtes de fruits

The luxury of pure fruit

Pure fruit is what you taste in our pâtes de fruits. They are composed of fruit pulp, sugar and apple pectine. The result is a completely natural, high quality and tasteful product.

Depending on the recipe, the percentage of fruit in the sweets is more than 50%, between 60 and 70% or more than 80% of the total composition. This is reflected in the final colour of the pâtes de fruits.


Confidas - pâtes de fruits


Nature offers plenty of fruits, so does our assortment! These flavors are possible: strawberry, lemon, orange, apricot, plum, pineapple, blackcurrent, melon, reine claude, raspberry, mandarin, pear, limette, cherry, apple, myrtille, … and many others. We can even create new recipes on request.

Confidas - pâtes de fruits


Our pâtes de fruits come in an extensive range of forms: from different fruit forms to blocs, eggs, bars, pastilles, bells, hearts, etc. The fruits are available in different sizes: mini, little and big. In some cases, we even create customized forms for our clients.

Confidas - pâtes de fruits


Our pâtes de fruits are packed following your request in vrac, ranged or individually flowpacked in boxes of 1kg or 2kg. An assortment of different tastes or one and the same taste: all is possible. Special requirements? We also deliver our refined sweets packed à la carte.


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